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We recommend you carry an International Driver's Licence (also known as an International Driving Permit). It will make things run more smoothly at the rental counter and if the police pull you over, they can read your license. It is written in 10 languages and serves as an officially recognized translation of your local driving license in over 150 participating members of the United Nations. You should always have your valid local driver's license and passport to show as well. The Permit has been widely used for more than 50 years and is recognized almost anywhere in the world.

Die Kontaktdaten der jeweiligen Mietstation können Sie an verschieden Stellen finden.

Bevor Sie buchen: Sie finden die Adresse der Wohnmobilvermietung, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche namens "Depot Info" klicken.

Sie haben bereits reserviert: Bitte entnehmen Sie weitere Kontaktdaten der Wohnmobilvermietung Ihrer Buchungsbestätigung. Sie finden diese am Ende der Buchungsbestätigung. Wenn Sie dem Link in der Buchungsbestätigung folgen, können Sie auch unter "Wichtig: Bitte lesen Sie die unten stehenden Abholungsinformationen".

The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the rental company, please see your terms and conditions regarding this. However, the deposit is nonrefundable. If any further fees apply they will be charged at cancellation.

The most efficient way to cancel your booking is to click on the modification link in your confirmation and cancel from there. We then contact the rental company on your behalf and will advise you the amount of the cancellation fee, if applicable.

A late model is a vehicle that is between 1-3 years old.  In some cases vehicles may be up to 5 years old, depending on how many models the manufacturer has released. We also sometimes say 'recent model' in which case 1-5 years is more accurate 

Please check the terms or insurance link on the vehicle you are wishing to rent to see what is included.

Also, when you begin the booking process, you are presented with any insurance excess (deductible) reduction (CDW) options that are available - and this may help you to understand the insurance policy better.