Détails et emplacement du véhicule

Group - C De Euromotorhome Rental

Sleeps 4 Adultes Seats 4 Adultes
Bien, 72% | 100+ Avis

LES PRIX COMPRENNENT : Kilométrage illimité, Assurance tous risques (Sauf pour les premiers 700,00 € facturés), TVA 16 %, Frais de départ (première bouteille de gaz et liquide chimique WC), Assistance routière 24h/24 (valable dans toute l'Europe), Entretien ( selon les normes du contrat de location), Parking gratuit pour votre voiture pendant les prestations, Tarifs en Euros.

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Âge du véhicule 2014/2017
Marque / Modèle - ou équivalent
Moteur 2.3L
Transmission Manuelle
Type de carburant Diesel
Consommation moyenne 12L / 100KM
kilométrage illimité
Transfert Gratuit
Linge / Literie
Cuisine équipée
Assistance Routière 24/24
Frais de location à sens unique
Informations Touristiques / Cartes
Eau chaude Gaz
Climatisation - cabine de conduite
Climatisation - Cabine principale
Chauffage - Cabine du conducteur
Chauffage - Cabine principale
Table de cuisson Gaz x 3 brûleurs
Réfrigérateur / Congélateur Réfrigérateur/Congélateur (150L)
Capacité couchage 4 Adultes
Ceintures 2 dans la cabine conducteur2 à l'arrière
Sièges pour enfant Le siège doit être installé par les clients.
Âge minimum du conducteur 25
Permis poids lourds exigé non
Coin-repas - 0.6m x 1.5m ((1′12″) x (4′11″))
Coin-repas - 0.6m x 1.5m ((1′12″) x (4′11″))
Régulateur de vitesse électronique
Freinage ABS
Accès intérieur
Porte-Vélo Des frais s'appliquent
Source de courant 12 Volts
Adapté aux handicaps
Animaux autorisés
Eau Douce 125L (33gal)
Eaux Grises Information requise
Eaux Noires Information requise
Carburant 75L (20gal)
Bouteille de gaz 11 kg
Bluetooth -
Télévision Des frais s'appliquent
Port iPod / USB
Lecteur MP3/MP4
Longueur 5.6m (18′4″)
Largeur 2.3m (7′7″)
Hauteur 3.1m (10′2″)
Hauteur intérieure 2m (6′7″)

Toutes les dimensions indiquées sont approximatives et ne sont pas garanties. Les spécifications mentionnées peuvent être sujets à modifications sans préavis.

  • zMalaga dépôt

  • Adresse:

    Parque Empresarial Velázquez Calle Austria, 2, Malaga , Espagne

    From April to October:
        • Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00 hours.
        • Saturday morning from 11:00 h. to 13:30 h.

    From November to March:
        • Monday to Friday from 10:00 h. to 14:00 h. and from 16:00 h. to 19:00 h.
        • Saturdays closed
    Sundays and local or national festivities Closed

    Extended Timetable
    It is possible to pick up or to return vehicles on holidays ( subject to availability). This is at the discretion of the manager and requests will be individually viewed.

    Free transfers from/to airport/hotel are available in the towns with Euromotorhome branches. (subject to availability) This service is provided for vehicles rented for a minimum of 7 days. Please contact us to check availability.

    Where flight or other details needed for transfer on arrival are not provided, or where the wrong details are mistakenly provided, Euromotorhome is exonerated from any liability to customers and the agency, and passengers must pay costs arising as a result, or make their own arrangements to travel to the branch. Whatever the case, flight information should be notified to Euromotorhome at least 7 days prior to the start date of the services.
    In the case of transfers confirmed in the reservation for airport pickup, the following rules will apply:

    a) In the case of domestic flights, Euromotorhome staff will go to the arrivals gate of the relevant main concourse 30 minutes later than the scheduled time or the time at which the flight actually lands. Passengers must therefore wait in or around the aforementioned gate, if exiting before that time.
    b) In the case of international flights originating in the European Economic Community, the estimated exit time is, likewise, at least 30 minutes.
    c) For international flights originating outside the European Economic Community, Euromotorhome staff will proceed to the arrivals gate in the main concourse 60 minutes after the scheduled or actual landing time, and passengers must follow the same instructions as for domestic flights.
    d) If, once the flight has landed, the passenger has not exited in the time specified in the aforementioned sections, Euromotorhome will wait a maximum of 45 minutes, after which the customer will be obliged to contact the Reservations Switchboard and make his or her own travel arrangements to the branch, or else pay 100.00 € in expenses, in addition to being liable for other costs for out-of-hours handover.

    It is therefore recommended that your passengers be warned of this eventuality, in order that they immediately contact the Reservations Switchboard in case of lost luggage or other items, in order to avoid the aforementioned surcharges.

    Free Private Vehicle Parking
    For customer that use your own transportation we can offer free parking in our own installations bay/s. Subject to availability. Please advise us in advance.


    Delay on deliveries  or returns that require the Branch to open outside the normal timetables, including the necessary time to make the transfers from/to airports or others will incur a surcharge of 100,00 €.


    If the hirer, by his / her own unilateral decision,started late or finished earlier the rental, he wound not have right to any refund.

    Phone Number: +34 952 176989
    E-mail: euromotorhome@euromotorhome.com

Pour l’instant, il n’existe pas de termes et conditions pour un voyage à cette période. Si votre location a lieu pendant ces dates, de nouveaux termes et conditions peuvent s’appliquer. Veuillez nous contacter avant de réserver.

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